Projects in Haiti

Projects in Haiti

This is a list of projects, programs, and dreams that ICDM ( is involved in across Haiti. I will put an asterisk next to any projects I am directly or indirectly involved in.

Ecole Henri Christophe, Bayonnais. A k-6 school serving over 800 students at two campuses.

Portable Bible School* is a ministry to churches and church leaders that teaches basic Bible study, Christian thought and development, leadership skills in the local church and other lessons necessary in the local church. Participation in the program includes providing a 300-400 book library for new congregations.

School of Evangelism* is a systematic and intensive school for pastors and leaders who want to start or develop a new congregation. It teaches the spiritual, leadership, and organizational skills necessary for church planting and Christian outreach.

Annual Pastors Conference, Bayonnais* provides ongoing training for existing and potential church leaders. Through focused teaching and lots of interaction with others, this event allows leaders to develop skills in pastoring, community development, micro-finance, and general leadership

Dlo Lavi (Pure Water) is a ministry on the main campus of Ecole Henri Christophe, that provides affordable clean water for families in Bayonnais. Using modern reverse osmosis filtering, we process, store, and distribute pure drinking water for pennies a week.

Medical Clinic* is a new building and community service project in Bayonnais. The clinic will provide primary and emergency care for the entire community. This is an extension of the original clinic associated with the Ecole Henri Christophe, but will serve a larger clientele for vaccinations, primary medical care, emergency medical care, obstetrics and midwifery, and dental care. Staffed by Haitian physicians and nurse practitioners, the clinic will also serve as a mission location for medical teams that visit Hait.

Micro-finance* is a relatively new concept in missions and community development that provides small short-term loans and business training to help develop new income producing businesses in the community. Whether it is to help a dress maker buy a new sewing machine or a farmer buy more seed for planting, this program promotes economic development, financial independence and entrepreneurship in Haiti.

G.O.A.T.S. This program, an acronym for Gifts of Animals To Succeed, provides goats, chickens, and other farm animals to families. Gifts include enough animals to provide a breeding base and families receiving the animals are able to harvest milk, meat, eggs, etc. as well as grow their flock or herd. What is more, once their animal population reaches a sustainable size, they are asked to contribute back to the program so that animals can be gifted to others. This revolving production increases both the impact and efficiency of the GOATS program.

Short-term mission teams* serve as adjunct support for almost every project in Haiti. Whether a construction team like the folks from Cape May Court House, NJ or a medical team from the Jacksonville, FL area, these teams are the backbone of almost every project. Rather than doing something for the Haitians, these teams are actually partners with Haitian workers and help empower and equip new ministries and community projects