Waiting for IRMA!

Hurricane Irma has swept across the Atlantic Ocean and taken dead aim for the Caribbean islands and eventually Florida. As I sit in my home in North Florida and watch all the new reports, I have to keep in mind all my friends in Haiti. Most of the folks have little access to the news. No TV in the living room and very few radios. News travels by word of mouth and, at best, over telephone contacts and connections. By contrast I have news alerts on every station and at least five dedicated TV channels that seem to be covering nothing but Hurricane Irma.

We are setting up one of our church buildings to be an evacuation site for those who have to leave, or want to leave, home for the storm. We have civil servants all set to manage the evacuations, shelters, and the recovery afterwards. Haiti has little if any of these services. People must survive on their own, or at best in their communities.

I am proud that ICDM has been preparing for this kind of situation from the very beginning. With strong buildings, they have a place for people to stay. With do it yourself technologies they are better equipped to feed people, clothe people, and provide for their immediate needs. But they can only do this much because of you! As you prepare for the Irma, be thinking of those who lack the resources and civil service you will depend on! Lift them up in your prayers, be ready to help them out as they recover, and provide what you can for their present and ongoing needs.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for IRMA!

  1. How are things in Florida? Have you any updates on Haiti? A friend told me that Irma was moving north from Haiti and I was just wondering if you have heard anything? My prayers are for all along the path of Irma and anything else that follows. God bless you.


  2. We do have cell contact and internet contact with some of our friends in Haiti. Lots of wind and rain, but the worst of it seems to have missed them. In Bayonnais (east of Gonaives), there are some roofs blown off, and some roads washed out by the rain, but so far, not reported injuries or deaths.


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