Dearest to my Heart

Dearest to my Heart

My passion and vocation at this stage in life is the training and equipping of pastors and church leaders to lead and transform their communities for Christ. This is why the most recent update from Rosemond Pierre has got me so excited! Over the last few weeks training has gone on in La Chappelle and Pierre-Payon in Artibonite; and several locations in Port Au Prince. This training is not only in the fields of theology and ministry, but also in leadership and community development.  With the central role pastors play in local communities, this training is both significant and necessary.

Since there are no strong theological training centers in Haiti (universities and colleges) and since sending pastors and leaders to other places for training is costly, the best remedy is to train them on-site. Through our Portable Bible School and programs related to our School of Evangelism, ICDM provides both initial and ongoing training for pastors and leaders of all denominations. This training is biblically sound, academically rigorous, and practical in the extreme.

This effort is spearheaded by Pastor Rosemond! So far, these programs have provided training to over 5,000 local pastors in Haiti. These training programs are so effective that other mission organizations have sought our advice in helping them reproduce our success in their nation and setting.

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